Easy Bookshelf Curtain

My bookshelves always look crazy messy. I keep almost everything I own on them. I share the space with my family. So, it aways ends up looking like a big messaroni!

Tonight, I made a cover for it. A cute little curtain!

Do you want to make one?!

I used some interesting fabric, a spring loaded curtain rod, scissors/rotary cutter, iron, thread, and I used my sewing machine.

Measure the space you want to cover, which for me was 24 x 32. I added an inch to the width and two inches to the length for the hem. I wanted my fabric to hang flat, because the pattern is soooo lovely!! If you want a ruffle look you can add as many inches as you want.

Cut the fabric. You can save time by folding it in half lengthwise and using a rotary cutter. BTW, I heart my rotary cutter.

Then hem the vertical edges. I only folded my edges once before sewing. For a cleaner edge I would recommend folding twice, but if you do this make sure you factor in the amount of fabric that will take (about another inch or so).

Next, fold the top edge over about 1/4″ and iron. Then again a little over an inch, so the rod will fit through. Sew over that 1/4″ area. You can feel it with your fingers. Use a backstitch in the beginning and the end.

You can then put it on the curtain rod and set the rod up in the bookshelf. Pin the bottom of the curtain where you want it to end

Then iron and sew the bottom hem, again using a backstitch at the start and finish.

The end. Easy peasy!

Look at this funny picture… that monkey is winking at you!! ❤

Thanks for your time. I hope this was helpful or inspirational for you. ❤

xoxo jam


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